Refund Policy

Students at ReadMyCourse can apply for the refund of amount paid for courses. The refund will be processed based on below conditions.

Refund criteria:

The customer can apply for the refund in following scenario.

  1. Students can apply for the refund in first three days of class started.
  2. Upto 80% amount of course fee will refunded becaus of transcation/ bank / International charges and all other factors.
  3. Full amount will be refunded if course has to be stopped.

How to apply for refund?

  1. Students can apply for refund by filling refund form.
  2. Refund will be processed within 30 working days.
  3. Actual amount of refund will be calculated based on refund criteria and policy.
  4. In case if the above mentioned details are not working you can follow up our contact team.

Apply for refund

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