Bioinformatics training with python

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About Course

Bioinformatics is the most demanding skill these days. It has become an important focus for the industry, particularly in the post-genomic era. Python is also a very demanding skill nowadays in Bioinformatics. Biotechnology students with knowledge of python can easily earn decent jobs nowadays. This course covers the complete python introduction along with application in Bioinformatics.

Course highlights


  1. Introduction for bioinformatics
  2. Bioinformatics databases and working with NCBI.
  3. Bioinformatics file formats (Fasta, Genbank)
  4. Database similarity searching and Working with ncbi database.
  5. Advanced Entrez searching.
  1. Introduction of BLAST and different blast programs.
  2. Introduction of Multiple sequence alignments(ClustalW, MAFFT, MUSCLE).
  3. Introduction of phylogenetics and tree creation (Figtree).
  4. Tree visualization and Homology analysis.
  1. Fundamentals of programming language and introduction of python.
  2. Data types and conditional statements
  3. Loops and functions
  4. Creating command line bioinformatics applications.
  5. Parsing Bioinformatics file formats and working with Excel files and plotting
  1. Introduction of structural Bioinformatics
  2. Introduction of protein databases
  3. Protein modelling and viewers
  4. Protein structure prediction
  5. Introduction of docking
  1. Docking study of your desired proteins
  2. Homology searching of new organism

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ReadMyCourse is a one stop destination for understanding courses related to research and new technology With great qualified instructors and 24X7 doubts support, difficult topics are presented in a simplified manner.

Dr. Rimanpreet Kaur | Bioanalyst
Machine learning course

I had a great learning experience with ReadMyCourse. The concepts were clearly explained by the teachers, especially the way the course was simplified and presented, makes it more fun and easy. I got a job offer as Bioanalyst.

Anup Singh | IISC
NGS course

It is quite understandable for me. I have some background in programming language it is a plus point, apart from it also its quite easy to understand with live classes. Course was more practical and with live coding examples.

Sakina Vakhariya | AstraZeneca
Python for Bioinformatics course

Our values lie in our instructors

Anand Kumar
Python for Bioinformatics, Vaccine designing

Anand is the Co-Founder and CTO of ReadMyCourse. He has 5 years of experience in working with computation biology, Machine Learning, and Vaccine designing. He has co-authored various research papers in reputed journals and has advanced the career of thousands of students.

Dr. Dibyabhaba Pradhan
NGS data analysis, Vaccine designing, Bioanalyst

Dr. Dibyabhaba Pradhan is a Post-doctoral Research Scientist. He is a PhD in Bioinformatics and has more than 12 years of Research and teaching experience in High throughput NGS data analysis, Computer-aided vaccine design, Rational Drug Design and Medical Informatics. He co-authored more than 53 research papers in International and National Journals of repute.

Nirupma Singh
Python, R, Data Analysis, Machine Learning

Nirupma has 5 years of experience with R and Python programming languages for handling and analysing biological data and implement machine learning. She has a post-graduate in Microbiology therefore, She can understand and interpret the biological data quite well and could provide valuable insights. She enjoys interactive teaching with the learners and give her best to it.

Sharon Priya Alexander
Drug designing, Bioinformatics tools

Sharon Priya Alexander has Masters Degree in Bioinformatics bagged late Dr. P. Subramanyam IAS Gold Medal for being a University topper. He has co-authored various research papers in reputed journals. Currently Pursuing PhD in drug designing.


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Bioinformatics training with python