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Welcome to ReadMyCourse is a next generation e-learning platform which provides fully interactive live classes for professional courses and have an aim to create social network of students, instructors and institutions.

Our Mission

We are on the mission of growth of Billions of Students regardless of their socio-economic background.

Our Vision

Every sectors have massive problems that can be solved by injection of trending technologies and same time world has a massive untapped talent pool with ReadMyCourse, we want every Students to have access to high-quality education with knowledge of trending technologies, and opportunities regardless of their socio-economic background.

Our Journey

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Instructor can create courses, assignment and tests in very easy and efficent way. Course progress, test scores will be available in both student and instructor dashboard.


Student can attempt assignment, online tests and read their courses online. They can connect to instructor and finish their tasks timely.


If you love to teach online? Here you can create your first online course. You can shape your course into indexes,assignments and tests.

Assignments & Tests

Here instructors can also create sepearte assignments and tests and can share it via links to their student. Every submission will be availabe in instructor dashbaord.

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“People expect to be bored by eLearning—let’s show them it doesn’t have to be like that!” - Cammy Bean